40's 8

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All Works were done in Oil on Canvas.


A painting from your photograph of the 40’s can be arranged by contacting the artist.

Artist’s Statement:

“Not so long ago while antiquing, I came upon a photograph album of pictures taken in the 40’s. Every picture showed people standing up to the camera as if to record their courage for all time in a decade which required of its people courage more than anything else. My fascination with the period prompted me to visit it in an early work. I became increasingly interested in the flavor of the decade and its circumstances of tragic romance. The line: “Life must go on though good men die”, seemed to come from the silent lips of my models frozen in time by the photographic lens’ penchant for detail.

I learned to love the way the impressionistic approach conveyed the somber sentiments of the time. The 40’s represent the last decade of innocence and simplicity to me. I have attempted to depict that idea in this body of my work.”